Fletcher Quimby
Fletcher Quimby Season 3
Full Name

Fletcher Pumpernickel Quimby


Fletch-Dogg Fletchie Tiger (By Angus)



Date of Birth

c.1999 (age 14)

Resides in

San Francisco, CA


Student at Z-tech
Ant in the A.N.T. Program

Eye Color


Hair Color



Mrs Quimby


Kennedy Van Buren (ex-girlfriend)
Chyna Parks (ex-girlfriend/crush)
Olive Doyle (possible crush)
Violet (admirer)


Chyna Parks (best friend), Olive Doyle (best friend), Angus Chestnut, Violet (close friend), Paisley Houndstooth, Lexi Reed


A.N.T boarding school


A.N.T. Program
End Hunger Today Club, AntCo

First Episode


Portrayed By

Jake Short

Nothing girls like more than healthy bowel tips I am crushing it!
— "Unforeseen circumstANTs"

Fletcher Pumpernickle Quimby is a 14 year old artistic genius and dilettante, gifted in all media including painting, sculpture, and drawing. He met Chyna Parks on her first day at Webster High and soon became her friend. However, he has developed romantic feelings for her despite their friendship. Fletcher has trouble keeping his crush a secret when he constantly keeps adding her into his art. Fletcher also has an awkward frenemy relationship with Olive Doyle. Fletcher is portrayed by Jake Short.


Fletcher is an excitable, accident-prone, and imaginative boy with a cheeky sense of humor. He has the tendency to be slow-witted at times, such as when he does odd things for his friends such as diving into trash simply because they do not want to, and is often seen as stupid, however he can be quite cunning and devious at times. Whenever he is embarrassed or doesn't know what to say, he sometimes pretends to be frozen, thinking that no one can see him. He is also disliked by many teenagers for being an A.N.T., since he was not able to enter a club except the one with only Cameron (Chyna's brother), Cameron, in it, the End Hunger Today Club. He is however friendly to next to every body, even those who do not like him. He is also often portrayed as timid. His nice, and not the smartest personality makes it easy for people to take advantage of him but if you make him mad you don't want to mess around with him.


Olive Doyle (unknown-present; Best friend; Possible Crush)Edit


Fletcher and Olive have a confusing friendship. Olive acts like she loves Fletcher then other times act like she doesn't care at all about him. Olive and Fletcher are always teasing each other and embarrassing each other. As shown in InfluANTces, Olive made a quilt with Fletcher's embarrassing moments and Fletcher made a cartoon insulting her in The ANTagonist. They're starting to drift apart a little but they're still friends, and do look out for each other. Though Olive puts Fletcher through lots of teasing, humiliation, and violence, it's cause she loves him. She says in EndurANTs that she only teases Fletcher cause he loves him. It's unknown whether she meant it platonically or romantically. They argue from time to time, and give each other insults, but they'll be there for each other whenever they need it. They've been protective over each other too, showing hints of concern when one gets hurt, but they bicker more often. (See Folive).